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Players Online: 13 Players Online
Online Record: 470 Players
Creation Date: 19/01/2017
Location: South America
PvP Type: Open PvP

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Name  [sort] Level  [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Dash Ziin 561 Royal Paladin
Flinto 319 Paladin
Gaffa 548 Elite Knight
Goku Ball 132 Knight
Guizin Tankanada 153 Knight
Hereford 700 Royal Paladin
Kanserbero 353 Elite Knight
Killuaa 380 Royal Paladin
Picolino 364 Royal Paladin
Rosiel 426 Elite Knight
Saci De Patinete 652 Elite Knight
Te Fe 556 Elite Knight
Xnagasukyx 567 Elder Druid

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Top 5 Experience

1 - Dornelles
   Level: (1124)
   Elder Druid
2 - Sadan
   Level: (1034)
   Royal Paladin
3 - Golden Archer
   Level: (1026)
   Royal Paladin
4 - King Matuto
   Level: (1022)
   Royal Paladin
5 - Turin
   Level: (1005)
   Royal Paladin