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Guild Information
<p>Guild Dominante do Servidor Yourots Global</p>

The guild was founded on Yourots Global on May 12 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
the Leader Barry Mckockner Elder Druid 945 online
Tiagoskywalker Elite Knight 845 online
Tonyn Doscorre Royal Paladin 819 offline
a Vice-Leader Crymolt Master Sorcerer 894 offline
a Member Bella Lestrange Elder Druid 574 offline
Casteli Royal Paladin 503 offline
Charles Lacerda Royal Paladin 430 offline
Clezio Rush Royal Paladin 704 offline
Coach Rdannz Elite Knight 602 offline
Cobrador Elite Knight 651 offline
Cronos Espanca Royal Paladin 847 offline
Doidera Royal Paladin 778 online
Drufox Master Sorcerer 747 online
Druidex Elder Druid 760 offline
Druids Elder Druid 466 offline
Edzao Elder Druid 769 offline
Ele Mesmo Royal Paladin 711 offline
Empurro Tudeita Royal Paladin 713 online
Exu De Biqueira Elder Druid 710 offline
Farofa Elder Druid 512 offline
Ferpa Odiado Elder Druid 745 online
Hell Boy Royal Paladin 742 online
Jeska Elder Druid 433 offline
Juju Liete Master Sorcerer 726 offline
Julf Royal Paladin 613 offline
Kazuma Royal Paladin 646 online
Kedico Master Sorcerer 789 offline
Kingz Ed Elder Druid 368 offline
Lisboa Royal Paladin 618 offline
Maker Master Sorcerer 709 offline
Mastermind Master Sorcerer 646 offline
Meoku Elite Knight 809 online
Mk Aktrovao Elder Druid 759 offline
Natsu Dragneel Elder Druid 507 offline
Nog Insanepvp (Pvp Docin) Druid 931 offline
Nonaa Elder Druid 527 offline
Old Smoke Elder Druid 788 offline
Ontem Elite Knight 803 offline
Playboy Royal Paladin 898 online
Rakjet Paralyz Elder Druid 438 offline
Ribeiro Bjj Royal Paladin 708 online
Rodrinight Elite Knight 843 offline
Rubeerig Master Sorcerer 678 offline
Shadow Tank Elite Knight 700 online
Sir Bue Master Sorcerer 479 offline
Son Of Zeus Royal Paladin 912 online
Sorzinho Vishur Master Sorcerer 469 offline
Sr Llewys Elder Druid 648 offline
Suuck Die Royal Paladin 672 online
Swingueira Elite Knight 677 offline
Timewall Elite Knight 385 offline
Toddy Royal Paladin 500 offline
Tony Doexori Elite Knight 768 offline
Turin Royal Paladin 816 online
Voldemort Master Sorcerer 519 offline
Xuxxu Elder Druid 809 online
Zecanabis Elder Druid 719 offline
APAE So Deitopadormi Master Sorcerer 815 offline
T H Elder Druid 710 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Alligator May 12 2020
Dynamic May 25 2020
Lim Rabei May 25 2020
Malevolo May 25 2020
No Malaaz May 22 2020
Rocha Trashfull May 24 2020
Yjijaqjijijiqk May 24 2020

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal

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Top 5 Experience

1 - Barry Mckockner
   Level: (945)
   Elder Druid
2 - Nog Insanepvp
   Level: (931)
3 - Son Of Zeus
   Level: (912)
   Royal Paladin
4 - Borgges
   Level: (908)
   Elite Knight
5 - Playboy
   Level: (898)
   Royal Paladin