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Donation Information

We inform players and collaborators that the Yourots Global Team NO has no financial interest. All income obtained from donations is directly applied to the maintenance of the server, that is, by making a donation, you are guaranteeing stability and increasing its quality.

The points (Tibia Coins in-game) passed on to the players who make the donations, represent nothing more than our bonus, that is, you are not buying points but receiving a symbolic bonus in forms of tibia coins that can benefit you in the game; it can be used any way you want.

We intend to get closer to the players and make you feel at home! We understand your donation as a two-way street in terms of credibility. Believing that it is worth investing in the maintenance of the server, we invested in you by crediting you with points, which, as already said, can be used in the way that best fits them.

Points (Tibia Coins in-game) can be traded on the market (in-game) without any restrictions.

The donor should be aware that the donation cannot be returned.

Points (Tibia Coins in-game) will be delivered within 24 hours to the donor's account.
Note: The time may vary depending on the type of donation.
(Example: In case of bank transfer, this time can reach 3 days ) .

The Donor is aware that he is not buying, but donating, and as a form of gratification we will add the Points (Tibia Coins in-game) to the donor's account.

In the event of a reset, the donor will be able to redeem his points again, just present proof of donation (up to the time stipulated on the website) to perform such action.

The purchase price of the Points (Tibia Coins), as well as the value of the products purchased by them, may change without notice.
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Top 5 Experience

1 - Jasminee
   Level: (958)
   Royal Paladin
2 - Royal Warrior
   Level: (928)
   Elite Knight
3 - Rockito
   Level: (907)
   Elite Knight
4 - Letal
   Level: (900)
   Elite Knight
5 - Paxtelzin
   Level: (886)
   Elite Knight