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Character Information
Name: Son Of Zeus
Sex: Male
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 912
World: Yourots Global
Residence: Thais
House:Dark Mansion (Thais)
Guild Membership: a Member of the Manicomio
Last login: 26 May 2020, 3:25 am
Account Status: Premium Account

The Dream Courts Quest
The Secret Library Quest
The Curse Spreads Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest
The First Dragon Quest
Cults of Tibia Quest
Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Demon Helmet
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Ancient Tombs
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Last Deaths
23/05/2020 20:53Died at level 904 by Brain Squid. and Biting Book
23/05/2020 09:29Died at level 902 by a defiler. and a grimeleech
21/05/2020 21:10Died at level 902 by Simon Invader. and Mybad
20/05/2020 21:53Died at level 896 by an animated feather.
20/05/2020 10:10Died at level 879 by Biting Book. and Brain Squid
19/05/2020 17:01Died at level 850 by Brain Squid.
16/05/2020 15:38Died at level 841 by Haxixee. and Ryvrenn
15/05/2020 19:57Died at level 810 by Juulf. and Fuga Wanted
15/05/2020 19:54Died at level 811 by Mattos Invader.
13/05/2020 23:31Died at level 792 by Gaz'Haragoth.
13/05/2020 23:29Died at level 794 by Gaz'Haragoth.
13/05/2020 20:14Died at level 768 by Squid Warden. and Rage Squid
13/05/2020 17:49Died at level 756 by Rage Squid.
13/05/2020 17:45Died at level 758 by Ink Blob. and Rage Squid
13/05/2020 17:33Died at level 759 by a burning book. and Rage Squid
13/05/2020 12:41Died at level 727 by Rage Squid.
13/05/2020 11:57Died at level 717 by Brain Squid.
12/05/2020 22:48Died at level 714 by an animated feather. and Energetic Book
12/05/2020 22:45Died at level 716 by Rage Squid. and a burning book
11/05/2020 21:01Died at level 690 by Nog Insanepvp. and Juulf
11/05/2020 20:57Died at level 690 by Nog Insanepvp. and Juulf
8/05/2020 15:51Died at level 647 by Th Return. and Juulf
7/05/2020 18:24Died at level 598 by Juulf. and Tony Oldteam
7/05/2020 14:32Died at level 573 by a hellflayer.
7/05/2020 12:28Died at level 570 by a hellspawn. and a hellhound
7/05/2020 10:36Died at level 531 by a Menacing Carnivor.
4/05/2020 21:05Died at level 489 by a hellflayer.
4/05/2020 17:03Died at level 401 by Gaz'Haragoth.
4/05/2020 17:01Died at level 402 by Gaz'Haragoth.
4/05/2020 16:45Died at level 404 by Gaz'Haragoth.
4/05/2020 16:39Died at level 405 by Gaz'Haragoth.
4/05/2020 16:04Died at level 377 by a guzzlemaw.
1/05/2020 18:43Died at level 9 by a meadow strider. and a dawnfly

Account Information
Created:1 May 2020, 6:38 pm

1. Son Of Zeus Yourots Global online

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